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03 Nov 2022

Top 5 Skincare Products to Maintain Your Facelift Results

Plastic surgery may not come out of a medical surgery, but it’s still surgery. Once you leave the operating room, you need aftercare. Take it easy for a few days after the procedure. Keep out of the sun. Drink water and eat foods rich in protein and zinc.

If you want to keep your facelift looking fresh, adopting a skincare routine is vital. However, you’ll only get so far with the average mediocrities that litter store shelves. You’ll get the best results from high-quality products made with organic ingredients. We’ve got a list of five excellent skincare products for post-facelift treatment, which should make it easier for you to make great choices.

Biocorneum (Sientra)

Because we’re so magnanimous, we’ll start off by gracefully turning the spotlight to another brand. Biocorneum might sound like some kind of industrial vegetable, but it’s really an “advanced scar treatment.” That’s not just for any old scar, either. The science whizzes at Sientra specifically designed this formula for the post-treatment plans of plastic surgery patients. If their promotional materials are honest, surgeons would say that you could hardly do better than this product.

The silicone-based gel, once applied and dried, serves as a “second skin” of sorts. Exposure to the elements can make fresh marks more visible. Biocorneum absorbs the blows and preserves the dermis underneath. On top of that, you can safely spread other skincare products over it without sacrificing anything’s effectiveness. Maybe the best part is that it doubles as a sunscreen, offering SPF 30 protection.

NAD+ Power Serum (NADIA Skincare)

Few products are dedicated to the needs of plastic surgery recipients like Biocorneum. If you only look for them, you’re likely to be disappointed. The best thing you can do for your post-facelift treatment is to stock up on high-grade skincare products. Combining goods like this with plastic surgery can reinforce the de-aging effects of both.

Having said that, we humbly submit our very own NAD+ Power Serum for your consideration. This formula, like all our creations, contains a heaping dose of NAD+. The compound naturally occurs in your cells, and its presence can help with everything from DNA repair to wrinkle reduction to skin smoothening. Other ingredients in this all-organic suite include sodium hyaluronate and Vitamin E. Just one pump per morning can show you the true power of the serum.

Goku-Jyun Alpha Lotion (HADA LABO)

Before we get too full of ourselves, let’s turn our attention to another industry colleague. HADA LABO maintains a great reputation in both its native Japan and abroad, and it’s deserved. This lab has a knack for producing high-quality products at low prices. That includes a collection of anti-aging products. Combining them supposedly brings out the most from each, but they also serve just fine when used on their own.

If you want just one example of their work, look at the Goku-Jyun Alpha Lotion. It’s a moisturizer, making it especially useful for people with dry skin. The cream’s composition contains a variety of helpful ingredients, including sodium hyaluronate. The cost is quite economical, which may be even more welcome after paying for plastic surgery. It might sound a little too good, but it really is what you can expect from HADA LABO. 

NAD+ Nourishing Day Cream (NADIA Skincare)

You should always try to start each day on the right foot, and that can include your skincare routine. We have our own anti-aging moisturizers here at NADIA Skincare. The NAD+ Nourishing Day Cream doesn’t just have that name because it sounds nice. It’s made to help you get ready in the mornings, and it’s formulated to nourish the skin. As you recover from the process of plastic surgery, you should take all the nourishment you can get.

This cream gets results by using NAD+, the ever-popular sodium hyaluronate, Vitamin E, and green tea extract as the active ingredients. All these all-natural additives work together to hydrate and soften the skin, smoothing out wrinkled parts along the way. It’s also lightweight and satiny enough to work as foundation. That allows you to rub some much-needed sunscreen over it without messing anything up.

NAD+ Restorative Night Cream (NADIA Skincare)

Nourishing Day Cream helps people maintain healthy skin against the challenges of the day. When they’re preparing for bed, though, they need something different. Nighttime products should absorb quickly before it can get on the sheets, then work hard even while the wearer rests. With that in mind, we applied our approach to this distinct situation and came up with the NAD+ Restorative Night Cream.

It contains everything you’d expect from a NADIA Skincare product: NAD+, excellent organic ingredients, no parabens or phthalates or sulfates. What’s different is that the night cream doesn’t linger on the skin. We designed it to penetrate before you even know it, so it can start working its magic faster and more efficiently. The presence of rose water extract and lavender essential oil, both safe and organic, makes for a more relaxing experience. In short, it’s exactly the skincare product you’ll want while you’re asleep.

Enhance and Maintain Results with Top-of-the-Line Skincare Products

When you get out of your plastic surgery, you can find plenty of skincare products to help treat yourself. Obviously, you can’t get them all, nor should you. This list of sterling recommendations can point you to high-grade creams and serums that will enhance your facelift and prolong its effectiveness.

Whether you want assistance with post-plastic surgery aftercare or an upgrade from an unsatisfying routine, NADIA Skincare can provide. Our stock features high-quality goods that cover every part of your morning and nightly care rituals. From moisturizers to creams for more sensitive areas, we’ve got it all.

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