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22 Nov 2022

The 2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Skincare Addicts

We say it every year: “This time, I will get my holiday shopping over with early.” Buying gifts for your loved ones at the start of the season makes everything easier and less stressful. Everyone knows that. And yet, despite best intentions, we often put it off until the last minute.

Often, the reason we wait so long is a lack of great gift ideas. Thoughtfulness can take time. That’s why gift guides are so popular, and that’s why we’re making our own. Whether your loved ones are skincare enthusiasts or haven’t really had a chance to become skincare enthusiasts, our list is full of excellent options.

5-Piece Bundle (NADIA Skincare)

This post will highlight gift ideas from various esteemed competitors. With that said, we’ll go first because it’s our blog. 

Skincare isn’t just about rinsing your face in the sink or spreading moisturizer wherever you feel dry. Ideally, it’s a whole routine practiced in the morning and before bedtime. The best practice involves a whole drawer’s worth of creams and serums, each one useful in its own way.

For the convenience of our customers, we packaged multiple packages together in one discounted collection. The 5-Piece Bundle contains both day and night cream, our popular “power serum,” and additional products that target the areas around the lips and eyes. 

It’s not enough to have various skincare treatments. They should also contain organic and healthy ingredients. Everything in this bundle and our store is centered around NAD+, a naturally occurring compound that’s crucial to cell repair. Regular infusions can smooth wrinkled skin and give it a real glow.

Head-to-Toe Skin Hydration Holiday Gift Set (Kiehl’s)

The dermis covers the entire body. It only makes sense that a truly thorough skincare routine should cover the entire body. After all, excessive dryness is not necessarily limited to your cheeks or the “T-zone.” If proper hydration is important for your face, it’s important everywhere else too.

The Head-to-Toe Skin Hydration Holiday Gift Set from Kiehl’s seeks to offer comprehensive care in travel-sized packages. That sounds like a tall order, but the four products included with the package should not be underestimated. They include cream for the face, a treatment for around the eyes, a salve for the hands, and “Crème de Corps” for everywhere else.

These powerful formulas are designed to provide effective 24-hour hydration for their specific regions of the body. That targeted approach is important because some parts are more sensitive and/or require different care than others. With Kiehl’s offering discounts on certain products for the holiday season, all this is available at a surprisingly low price.

Glow Manifesto Ice Cubes (AMEŌN)

Maybe the skincare fans in your life already have plenty of eye cream and hand salves. Don’t be discouraged: skincare products can go way beyond those standard types. This is the occasion to surprise them with something they’ve never tried or even heard of before. Something like, say, cryotherapy.

Normally, that type of treatment is only available in salons and skin clinics. AMEŌN’s Glow Manifesto Ice Cubes gives people a way to do it at home. The idea is that the user wraps one in gauze and “apply in gentle, circular motions to your face, neck, and decolletage.” It may sound strange, but slotting it between cleansing and moisturizing in one’s skincare routine can have surprising benefits.

 The freezing touch contracts the blood vessels, which encourages the body to pump more blood and produce more collagen. More circulation and collagen leads to less inflammation. People can even use the cubes to target warts and other unwanted growths. It all makes for a refreshing experience that is, quite literally, pretty cool.

Best Sellers Advent Calendar Set (Fresh)

What would a holiday shopping guide be without an advent calendar? This tradition, often associated with Christmas, packages many small gifts into one giant gift. Instead of opening it on the big day, the recipient opens one window each day. It usually begins on December 1 and ends on Christmas Eve.

Advent calendars usually contain little goodies like candies or toys. Fresh Inc.’s Best Sellers Advent Calendar Set brings that concept into the world of skincare. Here, the daily prizes are fun-sized lotions, creams, serums, and other treatments. Each has its own distinct ingredients and identity, and the giftee will go through many scents and textures.

The advent calendar approach is a novel way to give customers samples of items they might not have tried before. It’s a Christmas countdown and product showcase all in one fun box. Thanks to Fresh Inc.’s diverse selection and commitment to quality, we doubt this gift will provide any disappointing days.

Cocktail Bath Soaks (Laki Natural)

We harp on the health benefits of daily skincare routines all the time on our blog posts and pages. The reason we drill it into our readers’ heads is obvious: this is important information worth retaining. A potential problem, though, is that this insistence may cause people to view skincare as just another chore. They may lose their excitement – or worse, their motivation. 

In reality, skincare can be a ton of fun. Certain products mix practicality with pleasure, and they make for excellent holiday gifts. For a great example, look no further than the Cocktail Bath Soaks from Laki Naturals. Each box comes with six pouches, and each pouch carries a distinct scent based on a popular drink. 

There’s more to Cocktail Bath Soaks than basking in the sweet odor of “Sparkling Sangria” or “Sex on the Beach.” All of them contain Epsom salts, coconut oil, Hawaiian sea salts, and other excellent ingredients for dermal nourishment. Bathers can unwind and enjoy themselves while experiencing healthy hydration. Call it clever or call it tricky, but you can’t say it’s not a good time.

Major Holiday Discounts at NADIA Skincare

A list of great ideas can make holiday gift shopping easier. That just leaves one more source of seasonal stress: the rising total cost. While we can’t speak for our colleagues, we can help with that here at NADIA Skincare. For the 2022 holiday season, we’re offering 15% off all bundles, including the 5-Piece Bundle. Every bundle also comes with free shipping, even for orders below our usual $75 minimum. That’s how determined we are to show people the marvelous benefits of NAD+.

You can bring down the cost of your gift shopping with other discounts at the NADIA Skincare online store. When you sign up for our email list, you get a coupon for 15% off any order. If your loved ones enjoy the gift enough, they can set up recurring orders and get 10% off. They can even save 20% on their first subscription order with the code SUB20. Visit us right away and see what we have in stock for the 2022 holiday season.

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