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03 Nov 2022

Make Your Injectables Last with These 7 Botox Skincare Tips

Most people think of Botox as a way for celebrities to keep their faces looking young. It’s no quack science, but a genuinely effective treatment. Medical professionals inject a bona fide neurotoxin, onobotulinumtoxin A, in small amounts that safely paralyze the muscles. You can see how successful it is right on the patient’s face.

Botox treatment is a genuine medical procedure. That means it requires aftercare. It’s also an expensive investment, so you want to make its effects last as long as possible. Before your next appointment, save this list of Botox skincare tips. Our advice can help you make the most of your treatment.

Leave the Area Alone

Your Botox specialist probably already said this, but just in case: don’t touch! Like with any other medical procedure, your skin and muscles need time to recover. Resist the urge to poke or scratch, at least for the first day.

Putting on makeup and other skin treatments also counts as touching. You should hold off on both for at least a full week. After all, a poke lasts less than a second. These products linger on the skin for hours.

Good aftercare in the beginning is essential for preventing problems related to sticking a toxin in your body. On top of that, a healthy start means the Botox will be more effective for a longer time.

Take a 24-Hour Break

It’s not just the injected area that needs rest after the procedure. Your whole body will benefit from it. Don’t make any plans for the day of your appointment. Skip a day for your exercise regimen. For the next 24 hours, your only plan should be kicking back and relaxing.

Active types may grumble at this enforced break, wishing they could get their blood pumping. However, that could move the onobotulinumtoxin A away from the injection site and around your body. At worst, it can cause issues that will require a more drastic kind of care. At best, it’ll reduce the effectiveness of the Botox in that area and send you back for injections sooner. 

Be Careful How You Sleep

You shouldn’t sleep for at least four hours after your treatment. In fact, you shouldn’t even lie down. Being prostrate makes it easier for the Botox to spread throughout the body. As you relax, stay upright at first. That way, it’ll remain concentrated in the desired region and work its paralyzing magic.

What side do you sleep on? If it’s the same side that got injected, you need a new answer for a while. Putting pressure on the affected area for 6-10 hours straight each night will limit Botox effectiveness. Moreover, it’s yet another way to make the Botox leave for other parts. You could even wake up with bruises on those first few mornings. It’ll be weird, but at least it’s temporary.

Exercise Your Face

You may be aware of Botox horror stories where the paralysis works a little too well and the effect is a little too obvious. If you want to avoid that potential embarrassment, there’s a little exercise you are allowed to do on the first few days. Practice moving your face muscles. Smile, frown, grimace, mug.

Starting early can feel uncomfortable. Indeed, you shouldn’t stress too much or overdo it. Still, a little a day won’t just leave you looking better when you’re ready to show your face. It’ll leave you looking better for longer.

Keep Out of the Sun

So much of proper dermal care is managing the effects of the sun on the skin. The same goes for Botox. Heat increases blood pressure, which amplifies bruising on the injection site. Worse, UV rays cause wrinkles and spots. Even the best Botox treatments lose their luster from too much exposure.

You should shun the sun for the first four hours at minimum. Even better is avoiding it altogether for the first couple of days. Even after that recovery period passes, take measures against the light. Apply sunscreen before you leave home and wear a wide-brim hat while outdoors. Just don’t stay away from shade for too long if you can help it.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration is another skincare essential. We don’t just mean moisturizer, though that’s a big part of it. We also mean getting plenty of water. If you already do, that’s excellent, keep it up. If you only have a cup a day and prefer other beverages, you now have a great excuse to up your daily intake.

We cannot stress it enough: drinking water makes Botox last longer. It enhances any type of skincare, really, even those related to dry skin types. The more H2O you have in your body, the better.

Practice Proper Skincare

Remember when we said earlier that you should drop your skincare routine after the procedure? When a week passes, be sure to pick it back up. The injected area can handle it by that time.

Alternatively, that waiting period offers an interesting opportunity. Why go back to the old routine when you can start a new and improved one? High-quality skincare products can work together with the Botox to create a fresh and youthful appearance.

Here at NADIA Skincare, we offer top-shelf goods for top-notch treatment. All our formulas are centered on NAD+, an organic compound that helps rebuild and smoothen skin. That’s on top of popular ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin A. Explore our online store to find more products that will help your Botox treatment last longer and work better.

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