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22 Nov 2022

4 Main Skincare Products Plastic Surgeons Swear By

Plastic surgery maintains a reputation as a medical Fountain of Youth. Just one appointment with a qualified practitioner will take years off your face. However, looking young doesn’t begin and end with a single round of choice cuts. If you want the effect to last, you need to keep up with your skincare.

If you already follow a skincare regimen, don’t stop reading just yet. Plastic surgery will make your skin more sensitive than before. It needs special treatment that only certain types of products can provide. This blog highlights the ones that experienced surgeons usually recommend for post-treatment care.

First, What to Avoid

Before we get into the products that plastic surgeons swear by, let’s first mention the ones that they swear against. Exfoliants go at the top of the list. You must avoid scratching the cuts, especially in the first few days after the procedure. There are no exceptions, even for abrasive skincare products and tools. Remove them from your routine and let your skin heal.

Make-up is another no-no, at least in the earliest phase of recovery. Plastic surgery may leave parts of your upper dermal layer exposed. Applying cosmetics on those areas may cause stress, which is the last thing your skin needs in that moment. If your face’s swelling and bruising bother you, remember that they’re temporary. They’ll go away even faster if you avoid make-up.

Soft Cleansers

So how do you take care of your face in the mornings and evenings after the procedure? Dead cells and debris won’t stop piling up on the outermost layer of your skin out of consideration. You could wash your face with water, but H2O alone won’t get everything. Cleansers are designed to aid with that effort, containing ingredients that loosen gross particles and make them easier to remove.

You can still use cleansers after your procedure. However, the ones that are already in your drawer may not be enough. Cleansers come in two types: harsh and gentle. The former is stronger and more effective, but only because it contains chemicals that may damage post-surgery skin. If the products you normally use fall into that category, they might only exacerbate your swelling and cause pain.

In these more delicate periods, gentle cleansers will do the trick perfectly without causing any harm. Look for items that do not have any parabens, which you should never put on your skin even in times of normalcy. Avoid products with fragrances as well. If you want to smell nice, just take a shower. One last tip: foaming cleansers are a great option.

Hydrating Moisturizers

Hydration is crucial after plastic surgery. Every surgeon worth their salt orders patients to drink plenty of water as part of recovery. This steady supply of fluids will flush out toxins in the body, including leftover anesthesia. It raises energy levels, which can alleviate grogginess and pain. Most of all, it helps the skin in the cut areas with quicker healing.

The presence of moisture in the body is valuable, so you need to retain it for as long as you can. That’s what moisturizers are for. These products aren’t just for people with dry skin. Make sure to use plenty both each morning and each night. The benefits of round-the-clock moisture lock will be visible on your smoother and softer skin.

As with cleansers, not just any moisturizer will do. Seek out examples with organic occlusive ingredients and a lighter touch. Keep in mind that overhydration can happen, and that too much water or excessively tough moisturizers can worsen swelling.

Scar Gel

Cleansers and moisturizers are essential to any skincare routine. Scar gel is different in that it’s useful specifically for plastic surgery patients. See, every cut you receive during the procedure will leave a scar. You may not see any garish red streaks, but you may feel a different texture if you rub the affected areas. That’s your tissue trying to pave over the cuts.

You don’t have to sit there and wait while your body does all the work. Scar gel can help the process along. This cream contains collagen, which encourages tissue growth and repairs skin after incisions and other wounds. Your body will already produce collagen on its own, but this extra infusion will speed up the process.

Surgeons recommend squeezing just a small amount onto your fingertip. Think of how much toothpaste you place on your brush. That’s how much you will use. Then, rub it up and down the incision lines. Applying it in circles or side to side is likely fine, but this approach gets the best concentration on the areas that need it. 

SPF 30 Sunscreen

After plastic surgery, your greatest enemy is the sun. UV rays already do enough damage to the skin on a day-to-day basis. When your dermis is vulnerable after plastic surgery, exposure can limit or even reverse the effects of the procedure. For the first few days of recovery, patients would be wise to avoid going out altogether.

Of course, you can’t stay cooped up forever. When you do need to go out, don’t leave home without some sunscreen. Make sure it’s at least SPF 30. Anything less potent will offer insufficient protection against the power of the sun. Be careful about getting something with too much SPF as well. The chemicals that give the sunblock that extra strength may harm your delicate skin.

Sunscreen isn’t just necessary for the days after that immediate post-recovery period. If you want your plastic surgery’s results to last, you should apply and regularly reapply sunscreen every day for the next several months. That advice isn’t just good for plastic surgery patients. Dermatologists would say that everyone should wear it more often. It’s a good practice for skin health in general.

Enhance the Results with NAD+ Skincare Products

As we’ve stressed throughout this article, good post-plastic surgery skincare isn’t just about using certain products. It’s about using gentle formulas with healthy ingredients. Remember that you are a patient in recovery, so you should stick with products of the highest quality.

NADIA Skincare is committed to providing customers with exceptional dermal treatments. We only work with all-natural and hyper-effective ingredients like NAD+, a powerful organic compound that works wonders for cell metabolism and skin repair. You can find it in our cleansers, moisturizers, and other top-notch skincare products, which you can find right here at our online store.

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