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26 Oct 2022

3 Effective Methods for Enjoying the Benefits of NAD+

The word is out, and it’s all over the web. For almost a couple of years now, the biggest name in anti-aging ingredients has been nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. You might know it by the snappier name of NAD+. It’s been a trending hashtag on multiple platforms, and it’s come from the mouths of various celebrities.

Thankfully, the rich and famous aren’t the only ones who can enjoy this compound’s benefits. People can get their dose of NAD+ through a variety of methods. We’re covering the most well-known and widely available ones in this article, so you know where to look.

NAD+ IV Therapy

NAD+ isn’t another miracle chemical cooked up in a lab. It naturally occurs in the human body, and it plays a key role in your biology. The coenzyme lives right in your cells, where it works hard to fix DNA and power metabolism.

As you get older, you produce less and less NAD+. This decrease contributes to the effects of aging – not just in your looks, but also in your health. On the plus side, an infusion of fresh NAD+ from an outside source might be enough for you to bounce back.

NAD+ IV therapy is a medical treatment that you can undergo in a hospital, clinic, practitioner’s office, or from home if you can afford it. A professional hooks up an IV drip to your veins and delivers a steady stream of the compound into your blood. It may last a few days or endure for two weeks.

This process can help people with aging-related illnesses and conditions. Results may include more energy, less pain, higher metabolism, and more. Justin Bieber even says that he undergoes weekly therapy to flush out toxins from his history of addiction. There’s a lot that NAD+ IV treatment can do for you.

NAD+ Supplements

While an IV regimen is fast and effective, it is also not for everyone. It’s not just about the cost, either. It’s that this is a medical treatment, which should be reserved for those in need.

Even so, people who are not suffering from anything dire may still gain serious benefits from regular doses of NAD+. Between all the great things that it does for the body, anyone would stand to gain from having more in their system.

So where can you get it outside of a hospital drip? You could always visit your local vitamin shop and search for NAD+ supplements. Capsules may range in dosage from 200 mg upward, but that amount should be enough. Pop one or two a day into your mouth.

Supplements take longer to get NAD+ into your blood than an IV drip. Your body needs time to break down the tablet, digest, and transfer nutrients. Still, it’s an excellent and effective alternative that brings all the same benefits. Best of all, you can do it at home by yourself.

NAD+ Skincare

Perhaps the biggest appeal of NAD+ is its anti-aging properties. Just by playing a part in cell repair, it helps reverse the effects of getting older. Study after study has shown that maintaining the amount of NAD+ in your body improves health and creates a more youthful appearance.

Age tends to show on the skin, making it an obvious target for people in search of reinvigorating solutions. That’s why much of the conversation around NAD+ is about skincare formulas. It’s quickly become an in-demand ingredient for minimizing lines and giving the dermis a glow.

NAD+ skincare products come in many different forms. Looking for a sensitivity-focused eye cream, or a restorative night serum? Both these types and more can be infused and enhanced with NAD+ as an ingredient. Just rubbing it on the desired areas should do the trick. That’s as long as the formula is absorbent enough to reach under your skin.

Here at NADIA Skincare, we specialize in this category of NAD+ product. That compound is the main ingredient in everything we pump out. Best of all, we put it on sale at prices you can afford. Shop with us today and enjoy the benefits of NAD+ products right away.

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