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09 Feb 2020

Should You Mix + Match Your Skincare?

Should you mix + match your skincare? And by “mix + match,” we mean, is it ok to use more than one brand in your skincare routine? For example, a cleanser from one brand and a moisturizer from another.

Well, it truly depends on who you ask. Opinions vary as much as motives, and if you ask five different people, you’ll get eight different answers. With that being said, we want to approach this topic from an unbiased perspective.

Skincare can be really fun, exciting, and new. Some people love to switch it up and try as many new products as they can get their hands on. Others, prefer to stick to the same brand and keep their skincare routine simple.

Whether you have a bathroom cabinet overflowing with skincare’s newest releases or a uniform collection of bottles sitting on top of your counter, the most important thing is to give your skin the nourishment it needs. You need to learn about the ingredients, particularly the active ones, and how they work with your skin.

Mixing and matching, whether it’s within the same line or across lines, should be about fulfilling your skin’s needs, responding to its sensitivities, and maximizing the efficacy of your skincare regimen.

So, you may be thinking, how do I know what ingredients to look for, and how do I know if they will work for my skin? We believe that brand transparency is important. If a brand is not talking and educating about its ingredients, you should ask “why?”.

For example, we have an ingredient glossary for you to learn more about what’s in our products and why it’s in our products. You can find that here.

Our skincare line is one of the few brands to offer only the products that we believe can truly provide a unique, essential, and previously-missing ingredient to your routine. Seriously, we believe the market is extremely saturated, so we only create what you can’t get anywhere else. We want to make your life better. Our mission is to put out products that offer what others do not.

Our signature serum, as well as our creams (day, night, eye, and lip), can be used alongside almost any cleanser and exfoliant. In other words: mix + match brands to your heart’s desire (as long as those ingredients are top-notch).

“The products assimilate nicely into almost any routine, and are appropriate for all skin types,” said co-founder Jordan Bell. “That said, all active ingredients are more effective when applied to skin that undergoes regular exfoliation, so be sure this is a part of your skincare lineup.” What’s even better about our no-frills skincare line is that you don’t have to use all of our creams to reap the rewards of our most unique active ingredient - NAD+. (But once you experience their silky texture, you might want to.)

Our NAD+ Power Serum has the highest level of NAD+ available in skincare. NAD+ does what other ingredients do not: It provides the energy your skin cells need to survive. “You can exfoliate, hydrate, nourish and protect,” Bell said, “but if your cells don’t have energy, they die. Cell death leads to visible signs of aging - lines, wrinkles and sagging, lackluster skin.” Healthy skin cells equal healthy-looking skin.

So, is it safe to mix and match your skincare? We say yes! The key to building an effective skincare routine is understanding the ingredients in each of your products and how they interact with your skin.

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