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14 Oct 2022

The Correct Order to Apply Your Skincare Routine in 2022

Skincare isn’t as common to people’s morning routines as brushing teeth, styling hair, or wearing makeup. It’s also not as common to people’s pre-bedtime rituals as showering, flossing, and changing into comfy sleeping wear. With that said, anyone can benefit from making room in their daily and nightly schedule for dermal care. Between its anti-aging effects and its general healthiness, it’s just a smart move.

Just as important as doing it at all is doing it right. Skincare products come in many types, and applying them in just any order can cause more problems than it solves. To help you start and end your day on the right foot, we’ll outline the correct order for your new skincare routine.

The Morning Routine

Your body produces sweat and oils, even when you’re asleep and not moving. Dust particles and other debris on the sheets and in the air may also land on your face, which can set off allergies. Experts generally advise people to begin their morning program with cleanser. Products of this sort can wash all that stuff off your skin, giving you a clean slate for the next steps.

Moisturizer is a must, especially for those with naturally dry skin. It doesn’t just provide some much-needed hydration. It also locks it into the dermis, ensuring that you feel moisturized for much of the day. Keep in mind also that certain products are also okay to use on the sensitive areas around the eyes. You won’t need a separate eye cream if you just use those.

Sunscreen isn’t only for pool parties and beach trips. Decades of research show that slathering a layer before any adventure outside, in any weather, is excellent for long-term health and maintenance. Make sure to get at least SPF 15, though higher SPF is always better. Make sure also to reapply every couple of hours for better effect.

The Nighttime Routine

Fans of wearing makeup should always save its application for the end of the morning skincare routine. In contrast, using makeup remover should always be the first step of the nighttime routine. The reason is the same: its presence gets in the way of any other products you plan to use.

If cleanser is important after nights with no activity, it’s even more important after a busy day. Speaking of cleaning your face, next comes anti-inflammatory lotions and creams. They treat blackheads and pimples more painlessly and effectively than popping them, and they need that nighttime stillness to work their magic.

Moisturizer also matters in the wee small hours, but leave your daytime moisturizer, designed for sunlight, in the cabinet. Instead, break out some night serums and night cream. Their formulas seal moisture, along with any other products you use, into your skin. The nighttime routine is all the more effective for their presence.

Where Other Products Fit

You only really need a few products for “proper” skincare. If you use cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen in the day, and anti-inflammatories at night, you’re already making a major difference in your health and appearance. With that said, adding other products can make even more of a difference, especially depending on your type of skin. For example, toners offer multiple benefits in one product: they moisturize, kill bacteria, maintain your skin’s pH level, and more. Facial oils are better at keeping the face hydrated than regular moisturizers. Exfoliants smoothen the skin by rubbing dead cells off the surface.

A good rule of thumb for ordering your routine is going from the lightest substances to the heaviest. Cleansers come first, then moisturizer-adjacent products, then dedicated moisturizers. Again, makeup should always be last in the daytime routine and the first to go in the nighttime routine.

Need-to-Know Advice Not all products work for all skin types. In fact, using the wrong ones for your type might just make your problems even worse. Leave alcohol-based toners out of your routine if you have dry skin. Steer clear from exfoliants if a condition leaves your dermis irritated.

You probably don’t need to follow these routines every single day or night. Your prescriptions may even advise taking breaks. Still, as any workout coach would tell you, daily and nightly practice will enhance the benefits. Stick with it like you do with the other parts of your routines.

If you want professional advice on which products to use or which order to use them, make an appointment with a dermatologist. Don’t be shy about what you ask, either. When it comes to your health, there’s no such thing as a stupid question.

Try the NADIA Skincare Routine Today

Following the “correct order” for your skincare routine lets you get the most from each product you use. Breaking from it can make certain products completely ineffective, a waste of your time and money. With that said, different people will use different kinds of cream and serum and lotion. Experimenting within the general order we described in this article can show you what works best for your personal needs. Just take care, keep an eye on the results, and be smart about it.

Finally, properly following a routine is only as effective as the ingredients in the items you use. NADIA Skincare products employ NAD+, a special molecule that aids greatly in bringing energy to your cells and maintaining your skin. Add our specially formulated products to your own routines so you can see how they can help you stay healthier and look younger.

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