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10 Jan 2020

Behind The Brand: Meet Nadia

Meet NADIA (that’s us). We are a brand new skincare line designed for anyone with skin (that’s you). We are thrilled to share our values of beauty, hope, and confidence through our skincare collection and online platform. We can’t wait to get to know you. In the meantime, here’s a little bit more about us.

So, what does the name NADIA mean? In its entirety, it means “hope.” As an acronym, N.A.D.I.A stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide In Action. You may be thinking, “how would I even begin to pronounce that?” Don’t worry, we’ll help. Here’s how you say Nicotinamide, here’s how you say Adenine, and finally here’s how you say Dinucleotide. Now that you know how to say it, let’s get into what it is.

NAD+ is a tiny (but mighty) molecule, a coenzyme to be exact, that has proven itself to be a major player in the youthfulness and health of all living cells in the body. Basically, if the living cells in our body could drink from a fountain-of-youth, NAD+ is it. So, now you may be thinking, where the heck has NAD+ been my whole life and why have I never heard of it? Well, these are both great questions, so let’s chat about it.

NAD+ was discovered in 1906 but has only recently exploded in popularity largely due to scientists finally developing a stronger understanding of the many functions it serves. For the most part, it’s a vital component in our bodies that maintains our cellular health and longevity. So, YES, you already have NAD+ in your body-- It’s a molecule that your body knows and loves. That’s why it’s so effective. Sadly, as we age, NAD+ declines.

Now that we have a better idea of what NAD+ is, let’s talk about why it’s important for skincare. Our founder, Stephen Camp, birthed the company from this idea, “Scientific research has shown us time and time again the tremendously restorative power of NAD+. We are at a point now where we are ready to expand its use into skincare.”

Our superstar ingredients don’t stop at NAD+, Camp goes on to say, “We’ve taken five go-to skincare products, formulated them with highest quality humectants, antioxidants, peptides, and moisturizers, then infused them with the one ingredient most capable of restoring cellular health- NAD+.”

Camp, our founder, has spent the last thirty years developing pharmaceutical-grade supplements and has notably been at the forefront of the molecule’s expanding role in the medical setting. Our parent company, Avior Nutritionals, supplies NAD+ to physicians who provide it to patients whose cells have gone through lots of oxidative stress. Basically, oxidative stress is anything from environmental or lifestyle stressors like smoking, drinking, drugs, pollutants, and poor sleep habits. So, when we think about oxidative stress, we also recognize how much those stressors affect our skin daily.

In recent years, Camp and his team have begun to look at how NAD+ can be used topically to restore health to our largest and most visible organ-- our skin. Through that research, NADIA Skin was born.

Every NADIA product is formulated with a customized combination of NAD+ and stellar complementary ingredients. Our commitment is to provide all-natural products that contain responsibly sourced ingredients and are never tested on animals (we really love animals). Our products are always free of artificial dyes, fragrances, and harmful ingredients like parabens, petroleum, pesticides, sulfates, phthalates, and gluten. Camp says, “We don’t dilute or skimp on active ingredients, we bottle the best in skin science and provide it to you in the most effective form.” Get ready, because in September of 2020 our NAD+ Power Serum, Nourishing Day Cream, Restorative Night Cream, Corrective Eye Cream, and Lip Renewal Cream will be available on our site and through select retailers. We can’t wait to share our products, our stories, and our message of hope with you.
Talk soon, NADIA

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